Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board

NameFunctionYear of birth
Hermann-Josef LambertiChairperson1956
Hans-Hermann LotterDeputy Chairperson1964
Henning GieseckeDeputy Chairperson1960
Dragica Pilipović ChaffeyMember1946
Sebastian Prinz von Schoenaich-CarolathMember1957
Thomas WieserDelegated by the Works Council/ Employee Representative1980
Christian LobnerDelegated by the Works Council/ Employee Representative1978

The Supervisory Board has set up the following committees:

Credit Committee
The Credit Committee is inter alia responsible for the granting of loans and credits to customers or to a group of affiliated customers in accordance with the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board.

Audit & Compliance Committee
The Audit & Compliance Committee is, inter alia, responsible for monitoring the accounting process as well as issuing recommendations or suggestions to ensure its integrity; monitoring the effectiveness of the internal control system, the internal revision system and the company’s risk management system; monitoring of the audit opinion and the consolidated audit opinion; reviewing and monitoring the independence of the auditor (group auditor); delivering the report containing the findings of the audit opinion to the Supervisory Board and a statement about how the audit opinion contributes towards the reliability of the financial reporting, as well as the role of the audit committee in that regard; reviewing the annual financial statement and preparing their approval, the proposed appropriation of profits, the management report and, where applicable, the corporate governance report, as well as submitting the report on audit results to the Supervisory Board; reviewing the consolidated report and the consolidated management report, the consolidated corporate governance report as well as submitting the report on the findings of the audit to the Supervisory Board; conducting the procedure for selecting the auditor (Addiko Group auditor) taking into consideration the appropriateness of the fee as well as the recommendations for the appointment of the auditor (Addiko Group auditor) to the Supervisory Board.

Risk Committee
The Risk Committee is inter alia responsible for advising the Management Board on the credit institution’s current and future risk profile and risk strategy; monitoring implementation of that risk strategy in the context of controlling, monitoring and limiting risks and monitoring capital adequacy and liquidity; verifying whether the prices of the services and products offered by the credit institution adequately consider the credit institution’s business model and risk strategy and submitting, if necessary, a plan with remedial measures; verifying whether the incentives offered by the internal remuneration system take into account risk, capital, liquidity and the probability of realizing profits as well as the point in time when realized.

Committee for Management Board Matters
The Committee for Management Board Matters is inter alia a decision-making committee responsible for the exercise of representative rights pursuant to the Stock Corporation Act and is required to consult with respect to and manage the legal relationships between the Company and the members of the Management Board with the exception of the appointment and dismissal of the members of the Management Board.

Nomination & Remuneration Committee
The Nomination and Remuneration Committee deals with Managing Board succession planning and the regular Fit & Proper evaluation of Managing Board members and Supervisory Board members regarding their knowledge, skills and experience. The Nomination and Remuneration Committee assesses the structure, size, composition and performance of the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board periodically but in any case if occasions imply the necessity for a new evaluation. Further tasks of this Committee are the monitoring of the recruiting process with regard to senior management and the approval of the assumption of executive functions by members of the Managing Board as a Supervisory Board member, member of the Managing Board, managing director or partner with personal liability in companies not belonging to the Group.

Furthermore, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee deals with the general principles of the Bank’s remuneration policy. It also monitors the remuneration policy, remuneration practices and remuneration-based incentive structures pursuant to section 39c BWG, except for those pertaining to Managing Board members.

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