Well positioned region for convergence of underpenetrated banking sector
Addiko Group operates in the last EU convergence region in which financial intermediation is low and digital transformation is still nascent. In addition, the retail unsecured consumer lending market in the region is growing faster than in the EU. Addiko Group believes its offering of straightforward banking with enhanced digital capabilities will provide a solid basis for increasing its future business in the region.


Well-established, pan-regional platform with potential for synergies and operational leverage for future competitiveness
Addiko Group has a powerful combination of in-depth international expertise and local capabilities with a presence in CSEE countries, creating a regional team that provides a lean and efficient platform for pursuing its business strategy. Addiko Group has an efficient operating model with key functions outsourced across the network of subsidiaries which allows for the reduction of costs via centralization of services, economies of scale, agility and execution power as well as talent attraction.


Transforming into focused Consumer and SME specialist
Addiko Group transformed from a universal bank into a specialist bank for the CSEE region, focusing on highly profitable Consumer and SME Business lending (defined as “focus areas”), addressed with simple, convenient and digitally-empowered banking offering. Addiko Group provides straightforward banking, which is also consistently reflected in its communications with customers. Convenience and speed are among the most important factors for the customers of the Consumer and the SME Business segments. Addiko Group’s expansion into Consumer and SME lending is supported by prudent risk management of a solid, well-provisioned portfolio from past business, which it can utilize in a managed run-down to finance its expansion into Consumer and SME business.


Unlocking opportunities in traditional markets with innovative digital solutions
Addiko Group has placed the progression to digital banking at the core of its strategy. Addiko Group has implemented technological solutions that have already been thoroughly proven in more developed markets but that are innovative in the CSEE markets. Addiko Group believes that its focus on digital banking will help it gain market share in its focus areas without having to expand its branch network.


Solid balance sheet foundation enabling profit increases
Addiko Group has a solid and well-capitalized balance sheet that can support the expansion of its business in its focus areas of Consumer and SME lending. Addiko Group operates on strong parameters with respect to funding, risk parameters and capital base which provide Addiko Group with the financial ability to pursue its strategy.

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