Financial Calendar



17.02.2021Start of the quiet period
10.03.2021Publication of the Consolidated Annual Report 2020
16.04.2021Record date for the ordinary Annual General Meeting 2021
26.04.2021Ordinary Annual General Meeting 2021
21.04.2021Start of the quiet period
30.04.2021Dividend ex-date
03.05.2021Dividend record date
04.05.2021Dividend payment date*
05.05.2021Results 1Q21 (Earnings Call at 2pm CEST)
28.07.2021Start of the quiet period
11.08.2021Results 1H21 (Earnings Call at 2pm CEST)
20.10.2021Start of the quiet period
03.11.2021Results 3Q21 (Earnings Call at 2pm CET)

Remaining dividend*

Dividend ex-date*
Dividend record date*
Dividend payment date*
*Considering the ECB recommendation on dividend distribution (ECB/2020/62), the Management Board of Addiko Bank AG aims for a dividend proposal at the upcoming AGM on 26 April 2021 consisting of the communicated 2019 dividend of €40mn (carried forward to the financial year 2020) and, in addition, a further distribution related to the year 2020. In total, the Bank plans to generate shareholder return of up to c. €46.6mn (€2.39 per share), for a total of 19.5 million shares, to be distributed via an unconditional and a conditional tranche, subject to shareholder approval.

The first, unconditional tranche of ca. EUR 7 million (EUR 0.36 per share) shall be distributed on the dividend payment date of 4 May 2021 and represents the maximum dividend allowed under the currently valid recommendation of the ECB (i.e. below 15% of the cumulated profit for 2019-20 and not higher than 20 basis points of the Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) ratio, whichever is lower).

The conditional distribution of the second tranche of up to ca. EUR 39.6 million (up to EUR 2.03 per share) is envisaged to be paid after 30 September 2021 under the condition and to the extent that on the twelfth working day of each calendar month after 30 September 2021 until 31 January 2022 neither a recommendation of the ECB would, in the company’s view, conflict with a distribution of dividends nor a legally mandatory distribution restriction is effective or applicable.

Note: All future dates listed here are tentative and may be changed throughout the course of the year.

Last change: 15.03.2021.