It’s not always easy to get to the bank in winter.

Luckily, you can always save online with Addiko Online deposits and a great interest rate.

Direct Deposit

In June 2017, Addiko Bank launched Addiko Tagesgeld, a straightforward, easy-to-use, simple and direct online deposit service that offers Austrian customers excellent interest rates. The service is accessible at all times, comes with minimal paperwork and requires no branch visits. Both opening an account and the subsequent management are completely free of charge. Austrian customers can access the Tagesgeld service via the following link:

Online Term Deposits

Addiko a vista and Term Deposits are available online and offer both new and existing clients attractive interest rates. Addiko Bank offers its clients a straightforward digital service via mobile and online banking with no branch visits necessary. The opening and account management is free of charge. Addiko Online Term Deposit account is available at the following link:

Addiko Bank retail deposit customers can download the relevant documents regarding deposit insurance protection here.