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To preserve and develop the integrity of the group it is necessary to act in accordance with the highest ethical guidelines. We are aware of the fact that this may occasionally lead to challenges and may not always be easy to uphold in everyday life. However, the common goal for everyone at Addiko Bank should be to maintain these standards.

In this context, the effective reduction of all risks and the improved protection of our assets and reputation are positive signals of our new brand. In order to implement these measures, we continuously rely on a whistleblower system. This system provides anyone with the opportunity to report potential risks caused by illegal activities or anything else that could prove detrimental to Addiko Bank.

You are kindly invited to report any concerns to whistleblowing.at@addiko.com.

All reports will be treated with strict confidentiality and the notifying party will not be disclosed!

Prevention, not detention” is our motto and we would like to thank you in advance for your contribution to our efforts in securing the lasting reliability and integrity of Addiko Group.

<span class="date updated date-link"><span itemprop="datePublished">11. August 2017.</span></span>

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