Cookies policy

Here you can find the information on all (web)cookies used, the purpose these are used for and the period of their processing by us. You can at all times manage optional cookies in the “Cookies settings”.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data helping us recognize and remember users and the used device. They are stored through the browser on the computer hard disk, tablet or a mobile device. They facilitate the provision of personalised services on websites as they track the parts of webpages visited by users, help measure advertising and browsing effectiveness. Hence, owing to the information, it is possible to improve communication and enhance products.

Cookies we use

The cookies used by Addiko Bank or its partners may be essential or optional.

1. Strictly necessary cookies

The essential cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website. It is therefore not necessary to ask for a consent for storage of this cookie type on a browser. Information gathered cannot be used for marketing purposes and the cookies do not remember the way the internet was used by you. If you refuse all cookies in your browser, the services cannot work properly. To be more precise, storage of your preferences related to cookies will not be possible.


Name of the cookie


Storage periodCookies placed by Addiko or a third-party
OptanonConsentThe cookies we use so as to gather information on categories of cookies used on the website, and in order to find out whether a user has consented to the usage of cookies. Changes in cookies settings are tracked, too.1 yearFirst-party cookies

2. Management and deletion of cookies

2.1 Cookie management tool

The cookie management tool is set so as to customize your choices, particularly the optional cookies. The essential cookies cannot be deleted. The cookie management tool is accessible here.

2.2 Web browser settings

The cookies we use on the website can be disabled or enabled also through the web browser used to visit Addiko’s website. In order to disable the cookies in the menu of your browser, follow the instructions by clicking on the buttons “Help”, “Tools” or “Edit”. Please bear in mind that disabling the cookies does not mean a deletion thereof, unless these are deleted manually through the functions of the browser. For more information on cookies management please click on the links: Deletion and enabling of cookies in Chrome and their management and How Google uses cookies.