IR Events

DateIR Event
Week of 10 March 2021Virtual Roadshow with Erste Group (after YE20 Earnings Call)
12-14 April 2021RBI – Institutional Investor Conference “VIRTUAL ZÜRS”
Week of 5 May 2021Virtual Roadshow (after 1Q21 Earnings Call)
11-12 May 2021KBW’s European Financials Conference
16-17 June 2021Wood & Company – EM Financials & Real Estate
Week of 8 August 2021Virtual Roadshow (after 1H21 Earnings Call)
1-3 September 2021Wood & Company – Frontier Investor Days
4-6 October 2021Erste Group – The Finest CEElection Investor Conference
Week of 3 November 2021Virtual Roadshow (after 3Q21 Earnings Call)
8-9 November 2021Goldman Sachs – 13th CEEMEA 1×1 Conference
22-25 November 2021Citi’s European Financials Conference
29 November 2021RBI Digital Austrian Day
7-10 December 2021WOOD’s Winter Wonderland Emerging Europe Conference
DateIR EventLocation
06.March, 2020Addiko Bank AG – Road-ShowVienna (Austria)
9-10.March, 2020Addiko Bank AG – Road-ShowLondon (UK)
26.May, 2020Virtual Roadshow with Erste GroupVirtual
20.August, 2020Virtual Road-Show with Goldman SachsVirtual
01.September, 2020RCB Virtual Emerging Europe DaysVirtual
17-18.September, 2020Citi – Small/Mid –Cap & Growth ConferenceLondon (UK)
5-6.October, 2020Erste Group – The Finest CEElection Investor ConferenceVirtual
06-09.November, 2020Virtual Road-Show with KBWVirtual

Note: All future dates listed here are tentative and may be changed throughout the course of the year.
Last change: 29 June 2021